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Mating Patterns - forced mating sequences

Checkmate - Typical Mating Patterns

Wolverhampton Chess Club


Here are some examples showing mating patterns which often occur.

Bishop and Knight work together to checkmate Black.

White to move

1. Ne7 # checkmate.
White to move.
1. c7# checkmate by means of a discovered check by the White Bishop

White has just captured the Black Queen by moving his Rook from the first rank where it was guarding the White King.

Black to move

Black plays ...Re1# checkmate.

White is punished for grabbing Black's Queen.

The White Queen with the help of the Rook which commands the open 'f' file checkmates the Black King in two moves.

1 .Qd8+ check Black is forced to play ....Qf8

2. Q x Q# checkmate.

In this position Black has checkmate in 3 moves.

1......Rxg2!(good move) + check.

2. K-h1 (forced). ...Rg1++ double check



3....Rg1 checkmate.

White to move.

1.Q-h6+ check aided by the pawn on c6 White will checkmate. Black's reply is forced ....Kb8

2.Qb7 # checkmate.

White to move


- threatening Qxg7 checkmate. Black cannot protect this Pawn in desperation he plays 1.....gxh.

2. N x h6# checkmate.

Notice theBishop working with the Knight and preventing the Black King moving to g7 or h8 squares.