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Mating Patterns - forced mating sequences

Checkmate - 'Queen and King' v 'King'

Wolverhampton Chess Club


The king cannot be mated in the middle of the board, it must be driven to the side of the board.


White to move

  White Black
1 Kc2 Kd5
2 Kd3 Kc5
3 Qf6 Kd5
4 Qe7 Kc6
5 Kc4 Kb6
6 Qd7 Ka6
7 Kc5 Ka5

Now White can checkmate as follows:

Qa7(#) - checkmate
OR QB5# checkmate.

Another example

Black to move.

  White Black
1   Kf5
2 Kd5 Kg6
3 Qf4 Kg7
4 Ke6 Kg8
5 Kf6 Kh8
6 Kf7 Kh7


Now White can deliver checkmate in two ways:

Qh4# checkmate
OR Qh2 # checkmate

Here are some other checkmate positions showing King and Queen against a solitary King.

The diagrams have extra pieces on the Board, but is is the Queen that delivers the checkmate. That is why they are in this section.