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Discovered Check

Wolverhampton Chess Club


When you put your opponent in check by moving a piece that is not the checking piece, you are using the method of checking known as DISCOVERED CHECK.

The checking piece is hiding behind the piece that moves. Therefore when you move the piece that is blocking the check attack you put your opponent into check by removing the blocking piece, rather than moving the piece that finally produces the check attack.

White to move

White advances his Pawn f6.

The Black King is now in check by the White Bishop.

This clever move is known as discovered check.

White to move

White moves his Knight N-f5.

There is now a clear path between the Black King and the attacking White Queen.

The Black King is in check.

The Knight in moving has discovered check

Black to move.

Black plays B-d6.

The white King is now in check by the Black Rook.

The Bishop has discovered check.

In the next two examples you will see how this dangerous move can be used to win pieces from an opponent.


Black to move.

The Rook is in line with the enemy King, but is hiding behind a Knight.


The Rook is checking the King.

All the King can do is to move away. But when the Knight moved it attacked the White Bishop.

After the King has moved out of check, the Black Knight can take the Bishop.

White to move.

White takes advantage of the fact that the diagonal betwen the White Bishop and the Black King is blocked by the White Rook.

White plays R-h5 check.

The King must move.

White can then reply R x Q winning the Queen.