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Defence Strategy 3:

Capturing the Attacker

Wolverhampton Chess Club


The Black Bishop moves and now attacks the Knight.

White to move;- The White Knight could move away to a safe square. But there is a better move. Black has moved his Bishop to a square that is attacked by the Rook. Instead of moving the Knight away, White can CAPTURE the attacking Bishop with the Rook.


The Rook moves. Black's Bishop is captured and removed from the chessboard and the rook occupies it's square.


Black to move

In this position Black sees that the White Knight is not defended.


Black now moves his Rook to attack the White Knight.He does not notice White's Bishop on the long diagonal attacking him.



White captures the Black Rook and removes it from the Board and his Bishop now occupies its square.

Black made a mistake he was careless and pays the penalty.


In this position Black has just moved his Rook to attack the White Rook.


The White Rook captures the attacker.


Black responds by capturing the White Rook with the other Black Rook.

Both have given up a Rook. The exchange is equal.